Information on Admission to K1 Classes 

We have joined the Free Quality Kindergarten Scheme provide by the Education Bureau (EDB). Parents who wish to enroll their children to K1 classes in September 2024 are required to apply to the EDB for the “2024/25 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” (RC) from September to November 2023. The application form is available at District Offices, Post Offices or Regional Education Offices of EDB. It can also be downloaded from the EDB’s website.Online submission of the electronic application form for "Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission" 


We are now accepting applications for K1 classes in the 2024-2025 school year. Parents of children who were born between September 2020 and December 2021 may submit the application form and all supporting documents to the school in person. Please note that the application fee of HK$40 is non-refundable. Make sure all the information provided in the application is true; your application will not be processed if any false information is provided or necessary information is withheld.



 Admission quota 

Admission quota for half-day K1 classes:

Morning class: 54 students

Afternoon class: 54 students

 Interview period 


 Interview Arrangements 

All successfully registered children will have the opportunity to be interviewed. The school will announce the dates and times of the interviews via email by October 18th (Wednesday) or earlier, and the date and time of the interview will not be changed. If parents have not received a notification letter by October 19th (Thursday), please call the school to obtain the information to avoid missing the interview opportunity.

Non-Chinese speaking children can come to our interview with a Chinese speaking companion. If you need translation service, please contact our kindergarten in advance.

 Admission Criteria 

1. The applicant’s interview performance 
2. Priority consideration will be given to applicants with siblings currently studying or graduated from our school and whose parents working full-time for our sponsoring body. (Satisfying the criteria of priority consideration does not guarantee admissions.)

3. If the applicants score the same marks, we will decide between the applicants by drawing lots.

 Admission Results 

We will inform parents of the admission results before 15th December 2023 by e-mail. As the number of school places is limited, parents of unsuccessful applicants may apply for a place on the waiting list by 5th January 2024. We will inform parents of the waiting list arrangement by email. To ensure smooth operation of the school, we apologise for not answering enquiries about interview results on the phone.

 Centralised Registration Dates 

Parents of successful applicants should complete the registration procedures from 4th to 6th January 2024 by submitting the admission letter, RC to our school and paying the registration fee (HKD 970). If the child concerned studies in our school, the registration fee paid will be refunded in September.


Should parents decided to change school after registration, please notify us in writing and produce the receipt of the RC. We will return the RC but the registration fee will not be refunded. Upon obtaining the RC, we will no longer keep the school place for the child.

*The Information you provide is for application purposes only. We will destroy or delete it in a secure manner when the information we collect is no longer required.


Our kindergarten does not have its own school bus, and has entrusted the Nanny Van Team to provide services across Sha Tin District. Due to the vast area of district, the team cannot cover all of the area. Please bear in mind that the routes of the nanny vans will be adjusted every year.

 School Information 

Address: 1/F, Carpark & Ancillary Facilities Block, Phase 2, Yu Chui Court, Shatin, N.T


Tel: 22780022

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 to 11:30 am and 1:30 to 3:30 pm

                    Saturday 9:30 am to 11:30 am