Education philosophy 

God loves the world (Bible: John 3:16)


We strive to make children feel God’s unparalleled love for others, learn to love themselves and others, care for their community, and live with a heart of gratitude and thirst for learning. We believe that human beings are created in God’s image, and He has given each person unique talents. Therefore, rooted in the Christian faith, our kindergarten nurtures children to achieve well-rounded personal development in the moral, intellectual, physical, social, esthetic, and spiritual realms. Through a wide range of learning activities, every pupil’s unique talents and affinities are brought to manifestation, which helps them to learn, think, explore, innovate and adapt themselves throughout their lives. As we regard parents as close partners in educating the children, we also invest in parental education and family learning, to establish a common philosophy between the school and the parents to raise the children together.     

 Educational Mission 

Manifest God’s love, teach and care for children, create a pleasant learning environment, and let them have a happy childhood.