Parent Group for Quality 

Harmonious families and positive parents


Our kindergarten is committed to collaborating with parents to nurture their children, our pupils. To that end, our school and its mother church Fanling Assembly of God Sha Tin Assembly Center organize parent education activities and faith groups to empower parents to support and encourage each other and to feel the love between people and the love from God.

The Parent Group for Quality organizes workshops for parents during the daytime and evenings to enable parents to join regardless of full-time or part-time work commitments. In this group, parents can share experiences and support one another in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere through activities and discussions on such themes as "principles and techniques of discipline with grace and authority", "understanding, channeling and managing the emotions of myself and my child". We also strive to guide parents in understanding, from different angles, their roles as a new generation of parents and master methods to support the healthy development and growth of their children, to foster their confidence and hope that they deserve. Besides forming parent groups, there are family fun days and graduation ceremonies where parents come share and celebrate their children’s achievements and have a good time with each other and their children. These occasions are very popular among parents. 

The Life Pit Stop is a follow-up group for parents that wish to deepen their own learning and growth as parents and persons, to reinforce the knowledge and skills learned and strengthen their parenting at home. This group offers ways to develop deeper understanding of oneself and thereby also of others. Through this group process, friendships form and parents find support, encouragement and growth through their companionship.